4 Pack Compatible with HPA200 Carbon Activated Pre Filters Air Purifier Replacement Carbon Pre-Filter, 11.25 by 13.9 Inch

Carbon Replacement Pre-filter for Honeywell Model HPA200 & HPA204 by CFS 13.9" x 11.3" Keep trapping large particles in air and filter off such as dust, fibers, lints, smoke. - Keep your house in fresh and clean all year round, block the odors and particles which cause odors, allergy and hay fever. Leave your living environment in a dust free status. It is highly recommended to replace the pre-filter in every 3 months. The best period of performance depends entirely on the room air condition. Correct using the pre-filter can optimize your Filter Life.This package does not come up with HEPA filter. Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Honeywell in any aspects. Our products are not Honeywell products.

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