Water Purifier Replacement Filter Cartridges 10 in. T33 Inline Sediment Filter

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Water Purifier Replacement Filter Cartridges 10 in. T33 Inline Sediment Filter

  • Description:

    • 100% brand new and high quality
      Our filter is adopting high-quality bacteriostatic coconut activated carbon material, mainly used to reduce chlorine taste and odor and improve the taste of water.
      Fit most of portable(countertop) Reverse Osmosis Systems with 1/4" connection.
      Having features of acid and alkali resistant, high/low temperature resistant, waterproof and anti-static.
      Our T33 carbon filter is mainly used in water purification equipment in the post filter, so it's perfect for household water purifiers, pure water machine and so on.
      Do not use where the water is micro biologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before of after the unit.Please plush it for 15mins before use.

      Shut off water supply
      Install teflon taped fittings and tighten firmly
      Note the flow direction on filter
      Connect supply line to the inlet side of the filter tighten tubing
      flush 4 gallons of water through the filter 
      Shut off water, connect filter outlet to supply line tighten firmly. Use two wrenches
      Turn on water check for any leaking possibilities. Tighten fittings if leaks occur.

      Max Flow: 0.5GPM
      Max Pressure: 125PSI
      Max Temperature: 125℉(52℃)
      Service Life: 1500GAL
      Shell Material: PP
      Main Material: Coconut Activated Carbon
      Body Size:25.5cm x 5cm/10.03’’ x 1.96’’(approx)
      Thread Diameter: Approx. 3/8inch
      Connection Diameter: Approx. 1/4inch
      Quantity: 1 pc
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    Brilliant and reasonable price. Helped a lot in testing water in all mu outlets and understand the quality and temperature