Purenex 5M-50PK-1 5 Micron 10-Inch by 2.5-Inch Sediment Filter Cartridges, 50-Pack

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Melt-blown Polypropylene Sediment filters – Sediment filter is often the first filter installed in the Reverse Osmosis circuit. Sediment filters are made of fine melted polypropylene, which is then blown and spun in a cylinder-like form. The main function of a sediment filter is to remove large and fine particles from a drinking water, such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles. Removal of such particles allows for a better performance of all the following filters, such as Carbon Block or GAC filters.

From the Manufacturer

Individually wrapped, packed in 50 pcs per carton. Removes dust, particles, and rust. Good for water filters and aquariums.

  • 2.5-Inch x 10-Inch
  • Made of 100-Percent Melt-Blown Polypropylene, 4-layer filtration
  • 5 Micron
  • Fits 10-Inch filter housings