Humiditreat Compatible Scale Reducing Inline Filter Whole House Humidifier

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Humiditreat Compatible Scale Reducing Inline Filter for Whole House Humidifiers by CFS

2" x 6" 5 Micron In-Line Sediment filter 2 GPM Flow Rate 1/4" John Guest Connections 255573-43Pentek GS-6SED/5-G-1/4" inline 5 micron sediment filter is great for refrigerator lines and also point of use lines. Application:Clean pad or install new pad before installing Humidi-Treat.For best results humidifier should have a daily dump of water from the sump to diminish • scale forming minerals.Install a new Humidi-Treat before each heating season.Humidi-Treat works best when installed on a cold water line.Humidi-Treat has internal 1/4" push-on fittings Installation Steps:* Shut off water.* Disconnect existing filter or cut water line where filter is to be installed* "Quick Connect" fittings * Insure proper direction of water flow and connect inlet and outlet.* Carefully turn on the water and check for leaks* Check the filter after approximately 8 hours for slight leaks not visible during initial installation Filter Length - 5-1/4"

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