Fits Pentek GAC-BB 10" Big Blue Water Filter 2-PACK


Pentek GAC-BB Compatible Drinking Water Filter 9-3/4" x 4-1/2" 2 PACK

10 x 4.5 inch whole house radial flow carbon water filter for point-of-entry residential applications that require reduction of sand, hard scale, rust and corrosion, dirt, chlorine, bad taste and odor. Granular Activated Carbon filter media headlines this 5 micron radial flow filter that will meet your filtering needs head on.

Condition: NEW
Filter Life (Gallons): 50,000 and up
Filter Life (Months): 6 months
Fits Brands: Fits American Plumber W10-PR and W15-PR and most other heavy duty water filter housings
Compatibles: 48169, 155141, 155141-27, 155141-30, 155141-43, 155141-51, RFC-BB, RFC-BBS, RFC-BBSA, RFC-BBSA-D, RFC-BBS-D, TO8, TO8-2-01, TO8-2-02, TO8-2-05, TO8-R-05, W10-PR, W15-PR, W5CBHD, WRC25HD

  • Dimensions: 4-1/2"x9-3/4"
  • Service Life: 12,000 gallons
  • Operating Temperature: 40 - 125 F
  • Meets NSF Standard: 42
  • Flow Rate: 4 gpm

This 10 inch filter is used in all Big Blue systems, including the HD-950, and replaces cartridges from Ametek, US Filter, Plymouth, Pentek, Culligan, Kleen Plus, Bruner, American Plumber and many other brands.