Filters4you- F4Y- PLF-INTB Pool Filter Replacement Type B Replacement Pool Filter, Compatible with Intex 29005E Pool Filter Cartridge, 2 pack

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Our filters have "Dirt-Catch" technology, which allows them to trap more particles than typical circular cloth filters. As a consequence, the filtration system is cleaner, and the swimming pool is healthier. Dirt, leaves, and other material are effectively prevented from traveling through your filtration system by our filters.


 In the toughest situations, the premium pleated fabric holds up well. Our filters are intended to sustain maximum flow rates throughout the season, even with heavy particle buildup. The filter may be easily cleaned by removing it and cleaning it with water. With adequate maintenance, a filter's service life is roughly 1-2 years.


The dirt-holding capacity of our Pool Filter is impressive. The trilobal fabric collects many more impurities than conventional cloth, effectively removing hair, leaves, dust, silt, sand, and other particles.


This pool filter is very simple to clean. When cleaning the filter, the trilobal fabric structure makes it easier to discharge contaminants. To get the most out of your spa, you should clean the cartridges every two weeks. When properly maintained and cleaned, this filter may last for 1-2 years.


F4Y- PLF-INTB Pool Filter compatible with  56611/E - Filter Pump Chlorine Generator Combination Saltwater System, 56621/E - 4000 gal/hour Filter Pump, 58621 (pre-2004) - 3000 gal/hour Filter Pump, 56633/E/EG - 2500 gal/hour Filter Pump, 56631 - 2000 gal/hour Filter Pump, 58621 - 2000 gal/hour Filter Pump. NOTE: This is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes



Filters4you- F4Y- PLF-INTB Pool Filter Replacement for 56611/E - Filter Pump Chlorine Generator,  56621/E - 4000 gal/hour Filter Pump,  58621 (pre-2004) Filter Cartridges, 1 pack  

F4Y- Filters4you offers a wide range of high-quality pool and spa care items at a great price. Our goal is to provide consumers with a one-stop-shop for all of their maintenance needs. Our top-of-the-line pool and spa filters are designed to trap impurities while maintaining maximum water flow. Your pool maintenance needs, such as filter cartridges may be found in our Amazon marketplace.  

F4Y is confident in the quality of its goods. To assure the longevity, effectiveness, and cleanliness of your filtration system, we utilize superior textiles. Rest assured that our filters have been tested to their limits to assure high-quality, long-lasting filtration. Even while trapping a substantial number of impurities, F4Y filters are designed to maintain high flow rates.  


Brand: Filters4you

Package Includes: 2 Pack  

Length: 10 inch

Outside Diameter: 5.75inch

Top Opening: 1.9 inch

Bottom Opening: 1.9 inch


✅ The filter uses Lead-free and BPA free materials.

✅Long lasting filter.

✅ Reduce unwanted born particles.

✅ It is a package of 1 piece.

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