FF10SET-.5 FXSVC, FXSLC, Pentek P-250 Compatible Filter Set

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 FF10SET-.5 FXSVC, FXSLC, Pentek P-250 Compatible Filter Set

Compatible undersink carbon water filter set is a recommended alternative to the GE FXSVC, GE FXSLC and the Pentek P-250. Carbon block technology reduces chlorine taste and odor found in most water supplies and aids overall water clarity. Water is sourced from a number of sources, not all of them clean. Even after passing through a filtration process chemicals, sediment, or other contaminants may be present. Filters are a recommended solution to water quality issues. Carbon being ideal for its lower cost and improved taste.

These filters provides a cost-effective alternative to more expensive filtration options and bottled water. Install in your under sink or compatible water filtration system and enjoy.

fits standard size 10" filter housings with 2 sumps.

*The meshed carbon block filter is installed first. This is followed by the encapsulated GAC filter.


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