CFS – 2 Pack Refrigerator Filters Cartridge Compatible with IC-100A – Whole House Replacement Cartridge Water Filtration System, White

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✅ ABOUT PRODUCT: It is a package of 2 refrigerator filter cartridges that are compatible with IC-100A filter cartridges. It has a larger surface area and a longer filter life. This water filter cartridge removes more pollutants by providing "depth" filtering.

✅ REMOVE TASTES & SMELLS: To remove tastes, smells, and sediment from cold water, use this compatible filter cartridge for IC-100A models. This is the cartridge that comes standard with all taste & odor filter systems.

✅ LIFETIME: The icemaker’s life is determined by the amount of use and the quality of the feed water. Normally, the life of this filter is 6 months. This filter works as an original and provides the same capacity as the original does. When it turns dark yellow or brown, it's time to replace it.

✅ KEEPS YOU FIT: The purified water from this icemaker helps your body absorb essential nutrients faster. You may speed up the pace at which nutrients are taken into your cells by using this water filter as an alkaline ionizer. It raises your metabolic rate, which helps your digestive system function better, and food digests more quickly and efficiently.

✅ MAKES WATER FOR CONSUMPTION: For households that rely on groundwater or tap water, heavy metal levels can be significant. As a result, purifying water to remove these toxins may be necessary. Our suitable water filter may be able to remove these heavy metals, making the water safe to drink.

2 Pack Refrigerator Filters Cartridge Compatible with IC-100A – Removes Bad Taste and Odor – Whole House Replacement Cartridge Water Filtration System, White

COMPLETE FILTRATION SERVICES EST.2006 (CFS) is known for its quality, superiority, and effectiveness. Our customers mean everything to us. We never compromise on the quality of our products, and each product is individually inspected by us. We provide high quality replacement water filter cartridges. 
The primary purpose of our sediment replacement filter is to remove big and tiny particles such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust from drinking water. Our water filter cartridges assist in the removal of potentially dangerous pollutants contained in tap water. If you don't filter your water properly, you and your family could be drinking bacteria and chemicals that are harmful to your health.


✅ Brand:  Complete Filtration Services
✅ Material: Polypropylene Microfibers
✅ Item Name:  Water filter Icemaker
✅ Package:  2 Pack


✅ Compatible with IC-100A models. 
✅ Made from dual gradient melt blown polypropylene filter media for excellent bacteria and chemical resistance. 
✅ The cartridge provides high dirt holding capacity and superior sediment filtration.

✅ High quality replacement water filter refrigerator. 
✅ It is a package of 2 water filter cartridges refrigerator.

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