2 Pack Genuine Hydro Guard CB6 Carbon Block Water Filter for MP Systems

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CB6 Filter HDG-CB6-14 0.5 Micron - HydroGuard - 2 PACK

The HydroGuard HDG-CB6-14 is cost-effective, alternative to the CB6 Multipure Aquaversa replacement filter. This replacement cartridge can be applied for any water filtration system that, makes use of the CB6 cartridge including the MultiPure 500 and 750 series systems.

The HDG-CB6-14 filter is obtained from a coconut shelled carbon with a rating of 0.5 micron. The outer material consists of polypropylene end caps and a secured outer wrap which help to protect the filter from the damage of larger particulate matter. This improves the longevity and efficiency of the cartridge while preventing any instances of premature clogging. 

This cartridge’s high purity core acts as a one-stage filtration system that is ideally suited to any residential or commercial property utilizing municipal water.  Filtration begins at the coconut shell where an adsorption-based filtration process takes place, removing chlorine, odors, bad tastes and other contaminants from the water supply. Meanwhile, the 0.5 microns rated carbon works to remove all traces of sediment including sand, silt, rust, asbestos, and gravel. The CB6 will not remove minerals from the water supply.

The HydroGuard HDG-CB6-14 is most efficiently engaged in home appliances such as icemakers, water dispensers, water fountains, and coffee machines. Filters generally need to be replaced every 12 month basis, or before 750 gallons have been processed.

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