Carbon Pre Filter Designed to Fit Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier


Precision Cut Activated Carbon Pre-Filters~

These high-quality replacement pre-filter are designed to fit Honeywell* True HEPA Air Purifiers Models:
Honeywell* True HEPA

CoreCarbon precision cut pre-filters are replacements for the ABOVE LISTED MODELS ONLY that require 
HRF-B1 & HRF-B2 (Labeled as “B”)

Can be cut to fit but Not sized for the Compact tower Models: HPA-050, HPA060, HPA060BWM, HPA061-TGT and HEPAClean model HHT-055 

Can be cut to fit but Not sized for the Models: HHT-013-HD, HHT-016-MP and HEPAClean Models HHT-011, 16200

 -High Grade Powdered Activated Carbon for Superior Performance
- Pre-Cut for Exact Fitment – NO SCISSORS REQUIRED
- Proper balance of Air Flow and Performance
- Each pad measures 4-3/8” by 20-1/8”
- Made in USA, Not Imported
-Free Shipping

Our finely ground, powdered, coconut shell, activated carbon media provides superior surface area for adsorption of VOC’s and other odorous gases (Minimum of 60% CTC).  Powdered carbon provides faster adsorption than granular carbon and is cleaner to handle during replacement pad changes. Each microporous activated carbon replacement pad provides the adsorption surface area of over 40 tennis courts.

Pre-filter size: 4-3/8” x 20-1/8”
Nominal thickness: .200”  
Material: High Grade Powdered Activated Carbon
Quantity: 4 Pre-Filters – Exact Fitment

*Registered mark of air purifier manufacturer. 

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