2-Pack Exact Fitment Pre-Filter Designed to Fit Honeywell 24000 / Three HRF-F1

Prefilter Overview
This high-quality replacement pre-filter is designed to exactly fit Honeywell* Enviracaire* Air Purifiers Models: F113A Series, 13350, 13501, 13502, 13503, 13520, 13523, 13525, 13526, 13528, 13350, 350i, 50250, 52500, 63500, 50255-HD, 83162, 83259, 83287, 83332.

Prefilters are designed to fit the ABOVE models that utilize
ONE - Honeywell 24000 HEPA filter
THREE - HRF-F1 (Labeled as Filter “F”) HEPA Filter With ONE Filter Gaskets.

Our finely ground, powdered, coconut shell, activated carbon media provides superior surface area for adsorption of VOC’s and other odorous gases (Minimum of 60% CTC). Powdered carbon provides faster adsorption than granular carbon and is cleaner to handle during replacement pad changes. Each microporous activated carbon replacement pad provides the adsorption surface area of over 40 tennis courts.

CoreCarbon pre-filters are pre-cut replacements for the above listed purifier models that require HRF-AP1 (Labeled as “A”). 

Pre-filter size: 10" x 47" 
Nominal thickness: .200” (thicker than OEM replacements) 
Material: High Grade Powdered Activated Carbon 
Quantity: 2 Pre-Filters – Exact Fitment

**Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names, photos and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.