1C9-30 Water Filters 2 Micron Sediment & Iron Cartridges 2pk

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1C9-30 compatible Water Filters 2 Micron  Sediment & Iron Cartridges 2pk

  • Filter Cartridges are Brand New in sealed clear bulk packaging.  These high quality cartridges fit American Plumber, Aqua-Pure, Culligan, Omni & many other brands.  They are great for taste & odor plus sediment filtration for home water systems, ice makers, Espresso Latte venders & industry. 

    • Made of Diamond wound Polypropylene Fibers over rolled, activate carbon batting and polypropylene core for long life.
    • Max temp 100 Deg F although designed for cold water applications.
    • 9-3/4" long by 2-1/2" diameter
    • Activated Carbon for taste & odor, 2 Micron sediment.
    • Made in USA-Safe for all drinking water applications.

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