100GPD Reverse Osmosis, ICOCO 75GPD Membrane RO Reverse Osmosis Universal Compat

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100GPD Reverse Osmosis, ICOCO 100GPD Membrane RO Reverse Osmosis Universal Compatible Replacement RO (100GDB) by CFS 100% Brand new and high quality! The reverse osmosis membrane remove the particles of heavy metal (primarily calcium and magnesium, lead, chromium and nitrates), bacterial and any other carbonates from source water. Reverse Osmosis can produce better, cleaner water for your household to consume and enjoy. Rejects wide spectrum of impurities down to .0001 micron. Spiral Wound Design for superior membrane flux with high active membrane surface area. 100GPD Reverse Osmosis Specifications: 100GPD Average Permeated Flow Active Membrane Area 3.5ft2(0.32m2) Free Chlorine Concentration of Feedwater 0.1ppm Maximum Working Pressure: 300psi (2.07Mpa) Maximum Feed water Temperature: 45C Application: "Household type 1812 and 2012 membrane elements are mainly used for various household water, laboratories, equipment and other small water systems. ULP series membrane elements for the salt content of about 2000ppm below surface water, groundwater, water and municipal water treatment, water desalination, mainly used in a variety of sizes of pure water, boiler feed water and many other kinds of fields. " "Packing Content: 1 * 100GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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