10 Inch Hot Water Filter High Temperature Housing PWFHHW2510 by Kem Flow

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10 Inch Heavy Duty High Temperature Hot Water Filter Housing. This heavy duty filter housing is designed to filter domestic hot water. The specially engineered design can withstand temperatures of 200 degrees. The inlet / outlet is 3/4 inch NPT and the flow rate is 7 GPM. This filter has the Buttress head design which provides superior sealing with greater security. Specifications: for use with industry standard size cartridge 2.5 inch O.D. x 10 inch flow rate 7 GPM temperature range 40-200 degrees F pressure range 20-125 psi actual housing dimension: width 5 inch x 13 inch made from FDA grade polypropylene Butress Threads provide superior sealing and higher burst ratings than the square threads found on most housings. Because of this, the US company that first created standard housings, in recent years decided to improve their product by replacing square threads, with buttress threads.

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