Universal Carbon HEPA Pre-Filter Honeywell 38002 Replacement 16x48 4 Pack

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Universal Carbon HEPA Pre-Filter Honeywell 38002 Replacement 16x48

This is for 4 pre filters.



Impressive Quality - Factory Fresh - American Made Pre-Filters 

Use In Place of Honeywell 38002

All Pre-filters are not Created equal, our pre-filters are Premium Quality.  Our custom made pre-filters have a Tighter Weave - More Active Carbon & Better HEPA Filter Protection. Their tight weave does an excellent job of catching dust, pet hair, lint, dust mites & pollen, which will help to extend the life of your Hepa Filter. The high Active Carbon content does a great job of removing  household, pet, smoke and other odors.  

You will quickly be able to see for yourself  how well our Pre-filters grab the dust that you didn't even realize was there. They do a great job, you're going to love their performance.


Use on makes such as Honeywell, Enviracaire, Sears, Duracraft, Kenmore, etc. Fits virtually all Honeywell Round, QuietCare and SilentComfort air purifiers, you simply cut to fit.


Reduces household, pet & smoke odors - Easily captures large particles such as pollen, dust, lint & pet hair.  

Extends HEPA filter life by filtering out the larger particles.

 Use in place of Honeywell 32002, 33002, 34002, 35002, 38002 and many others, you cut to fit.

Each Pre-Filter Measures: 16" inches Wide x 48" inches Long x 0.25" Nominal thickness.


Meets or Exceeds OEM Pre-Filter Quality



Dense Pre-Filter Media To Trap more Particulates



High Active Carbon Content to aid in odor Removal
Proudly Made In The U.S.A


This Pre-Filter does not ship in a retail box, the 1 Pre-Filter arrives in a sealed bag to retain freshness. Due to the high odor obsorption properties of Activated Carbon, it is important to keep Active Carbon Pre-Filters in sealed bags until they are ready for use. 

 If you would prefer pre-cut  6"x 48" - 8"x 48" - 10"x48" or 12"x48" Pre-Filters for your Honeywell or Kenmore Air Cleaners please contact us.

Note: Honeywell & Kenmore brand air cleaner models require various pre-filter sizes,  this is a "You cut to fit" size.


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