Replace Aqua-Pure AP1001, Aqua-Pure AP109, Watts FPMBG-1-975 4 Pack

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4 pk 10"x2.5" 1 Micron Grooved Sediment Melt Blown Filters Cartridges

(Compatible Replace Aqua-Pure AP1001, Aqua-Pure AP109, Watts FPMBG-1-975)

  • Grooved Outer Area for longer life and extended filtration capacity
  • Ideal for Food and Beverage applications

 1 micron sediment filter that provides low pressure drop, high chemical resistance, and high dirt-holding capacity. Great performance doesn’t have to be costly, the Hydronix SGC-25-1005 is a perfect alternative to: Culligan (HF-150, HF-160, HF-360, RO-2127) Cuno (CFS11T, CFS01T) Aqua Pure (AP101T, AP11T, AP141T, SST1, SST1HA, AP1610SS) Sears, Fulflo, Teledyne Water Pik, Ace, Master Plumber, Flotec, Honeywell, General Electric American Plumber (W38-PRA, W38-PRB, W38-PRQC, W34-PR, WC34-PR, W34-PRB, WC34-PRB, W34-PRM), Omni Filter (OB1, OB5, RO2000, U24, U25).

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