Pura 41407011 Annual Filter Replacement Kit for QCRO

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Pura 41407011 Annual Filter Replacement Kit for QCRO. Pura 41407011 Annual Filter Replacement Kit for QCRO This Kit Includes: Sediment Prefilter. Two (2) Pura 41407001 Sediment Prefilter cartridges. Reduces sediment dirt and rust. Carbon Block Prefilter. Three (3) Pura 41407002 Carbon Block Filters . Filter reduces bad chlorine taste and odor. Get The Best Value Instantly save money by purchasing your Pura 41407011 / Watts Premier 531417 reverse osmosis system filters in a conveniently packaged annual supply kit. Instead of purchasing the items seperately save yourself time and get a bargain on the individual items all at once This kit from Pura includes two (2) Sediment Prefilters and three (3) Carbon Block Prefilters bundled to last the entire 12 months. Replace your prefilters every 6 months and post filter every 12 months. Note: This PURA Deluxe QCRO 4 Stage Quick Change Reverse Osmosis System is no longer available. We have replaced it with: Watts Premier 531417 RO Pure Plus Reverse Osmosis System . Specification Sheets & Manuals Reverse Osmosis System FAQs PURA QCRO 4 RO System Manual PURA QCRO RO System Performance Data PURA QCRO RO System 

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