Hydronix SDC-25-1005 Compatible 5 pack of 5 micron sediment filters

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Hydronix SDC-25-1005 5 pack of 5 micron sediment filters by CFS

The Hydronix SDC-25-1050 Sediment Filter is a compatible replacement for:Liquatec SDF-25-1050 Water Filter Watts FPMB50-978 Water FilterWaterFilters.net P50-10-WF Water Filter.

.Hydronix SDC-25-1050 Sediment Water Filter Specs: Dimensions: 9-7/8" L x 2-1/2? W Inside Diameter: 1.1?Initial Pressure Change @ Flow: 0.2 psi @ 5 gpm Temperature Range: 40?F TO 145?F (4.4?C TO 62.8?C) Filter Media: PolypropyleneMaximum Pressure Drop: 69°F (20°C) 46.4 psi (3.2 kg/cm²)Recommended Replaceable Pressure Drop: 21.75 psi (1.5 kg/cm²)See Hydronix SDC Series Data Sheet (Package Of 5)

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