Hydronix ICF-2512-ALK Alkaline Remineralization & pH Inline Water Filter Fits Any RO Drinking Systems, 1/4" NPT Ports

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Increase the Ph of your filtered water and add healthy minerals back into your body. Remineralize your water by installing this easy to install Inline Alkaline filter. This water filter connects directly to any point of use system including Reverse Osmosis systems. The Hydronix ICF-2512-ALK filter remineralizes and raises the pH of your purified water. By adding this inline filter to a reverse osmosis (RO) system, you can convert an ordinary RO system into a healthy Alkaline water producing RO System. By adding minerals back into the water and balancing the pH you will be drinking healthier pure water. Can be added to any of the following RO Reverse Osmosis System Brands: US Water RO Systems, US Water Galaxy, US Water Aquapurion, Watts 5 stage systems, Purevalue, Proline Plus, Proline Gold, Nelson, Isopure, iSpring, Tier1, Hydronix, Max Water Systems, AQUARIUM, APEC, Titan Water Pro, Home Pure, Premier Water System, Blue Wave, Water COP and all standard 5 stage RO Systems

  • Service Life: 1 yr or 2000 gal
  • Made with NSF certified coconut shell carbon
  • 1/4" NPT Ports
  • Genuine OEM Product. Remineralizes your water and raises your pH level
  • Fits any RO & Drinking water System, Ice makers, Coffee makers, Refrigerators, Water Coolers or any Point Of Use.