HDX Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filter (Set of 2)

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HDX Compatible Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filter (Set of 2)

Removes 96% of lead from your drinking water Fresh filtered water for your cooking and drinking needs Compatible with filtration systems PNRV12, GXRV10 and GXRM10RBL Keep your drinking and cooking water tasting great by regularly replacing your GE Replacement Filter Set for GE Reverse Osmosis System. This filter set is compatible with GE water system model GXRM10GBL (sold separately) and features NSF-certified filtration with a filter life of up to 900 Gal. or 6 months. The set includes one pre-filter and one post-filter.
Reverse osmosis filtration Water is filtered three times
Includes two filters Filters fit PNRV12, GXRV10 and GXRM10RBL reverse osmosis filtration systems
Premium filtration Certified to reduce lead, arsenic, select chemicals, and 13 other contaminants
6-month filter life Filter should be replaced every six months for best filtration results
Certified by NSF for compliance with a highly-recognized independent-testing institution for water treatment products
Drop in design for easy installation

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