Hahn Whole House 2-3 Month Pre Filter Replacement

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Hahn Compatible Whole House 2-3 Month Pre Filter Replacement

These filters are not OEM but 100% compatible

Made from pure polypropylene, the  replacement water filter cartridge will keep virtually all dirt particles 5 micron or larger out of your water. Once installed, this cartridge will help to improve water quality throughout your entire home, and because of its exceptional ability to hold dirt, will require less frequent change outs.  meets FDA Title 21 requirements for food and beverage contact. O

Ships fast!|Holds onto sediment as small as 5 micron|Meets all FDA Title 21 requirements dictating safe food and beverage contact

Product Details Product details have been supplied by the Manufacturer, and are hosted by a third party. 4-Pack 20" Pre-Filter Replacement – HF-PRE20 BREATHE EASY Cleaner, healthier air — Chlorine and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) can evaporate in shower steam, contaminating the air you breathe. Instantly improve your indoor air quality by filtering the water throughout your home. ULTRA DELICIOUS Get clean, great-tasting water from every tap in your home by removing 97% of chlorine in regular tap water. Also reduces other harmful contaminants including: Heavy metals like lead and mercury Organic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and VOCs Industrial solvents and more BETTER WATER, BETTER COOKING Top chefs know that using filtered water produces stronger flavors, quicker cooking times and all-around optimal results in the kitchen. HEALTHIER SKIN AND HAIR Reduce your body's exposure to harsh chlorine and synthetic chemicals that can cause damage and excessive drying. Bathe yourself in HAHN filtered water for noticeably healthier, more moisturized skin and hair. EASY TO INSTALL, REPLACE & MAINTAIN. Our NSF Certified whole house water filter system is comprised of carefully sequenced stages, each with its own unique formula of high-potency, contaminant-grabbing media and filtration — and does not require backlashing or drainage lines. A. Sediment Pre-Filter Catches rust, sediment and silt. B. Copper-Zinc and Mineral Stone Reduces chlorine, water soluble heavy metals, and scale — while inhibiting bacteria and algae growth. C. Activated Carbon Filter Reduces herbicides, pesticides and other chemical compounds that may be present.