GE FXUSC Whole Home System Compatible Filter Set by CFS

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Includes two replacement filters compatible with the GXWH40F and GXWH20S systems and made for simple and easy filter installation. Recommended replacement every 3 months or 16,000 gallons for fresh, filtered water throughout your entire home. NSF/ANSI certified By CFS.


    • Compatible to GE SmartWater Filters FXUSC

      • RO Systems that use the GE FXUSC Water Filters:
      • GE GXWH01C Reverse Osmosis System
      • GE GXWH04F Reverse Osmosis System
      • GE GXWH08C Reverse Osmosis System
      • GE GXWH20F Reverse Osmosis System

  • Specifications

  • Material :                  Pure spun Polypropylene

  • Max temp :                 140F

  • Dimension :                  9 7/8" x 2 1/2"

  • Micron Rating :               5

  • Cartridge Packaging :        Shrink Wrapped





  • Multi-layers graded density

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • High dirt holding capacity, Remove sand, silt, dirt and rust particles

  • Special liquid filtering cartridges, low pressure drop

  • Meet FDA specification, NSF certified component


Service Life


   1. 8000 gallon capacity (varies depending on water conditions)


   2. replace every 2 months (Recommended)

This is generic band, NOT OEM, Manufacturer's name for reference only

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