Full 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filter set with 50 GPD membrane, USA

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  Universal Replacement Set for Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems.


Fit 5 Stage  Reverse Osmosis Water Filters


- 10" Sediment Filter, 5 Micron. Removes dirt, silt, sand, rust and scale particles.

- 10" GAC  Granulated Activated Carbon Filter. Removes chlorine, chloramine, VOCs and etc.

- 10" CTO Carbon Block Filter.  Removes chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, bad taste and odor, 10 micron

- 50 GPD Membrane , USA made

- 10"x2" inline Omnipure (made in USA) T33 post carbon filter with 5 micron rating.

High quality guaranteed.

Service life: 6-12 months. We highly recommend to change filters every 6 months, inline filter - 12 months, membrane - 3 year.

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