Fits Pentek EP-10 5 Micron 10 x 2.5 Comparable Carbon Water Filter 6 Pack


    GAC Stage- 2 Granular Activated Carbon Filter
    GAC granular activated carbon filter uses the non-toxic and tasteless efficient coconut shell activated carbon and fruit shell activated carbon which filled into a plastic housing as the main body. Every activated carbon particle, can contact with the liquid fully, to ensure that the biggest adsorption ability, so that the filter can effectively remove sediments odor, residual chlorine, and organic pollutants in the water.

    The ends of granular activated carbon filter all have multiple superfine fiber non-woven layers to prevent release the carbon powder. The cage of filter chooses polypropylene materials, use ultrasonic welding process to ensure integrity and can effectively play the role of removing the chloride, odor and taste.


    • Granular Activated Carbon made of Top Quality Granular Activated Carbon, Removes Limescale in the water, Chlorine, Organic Chemicals, Bad Taste and Odors, extending RO membrane’s durable life time.
    • Standard Stage-2 GAC Filter, excellent Compatibility, Installs quickly in under sink applications. Suitable for All major brand 3-Stage, 5-stage, 6-Stage, 7-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
    • 5 Micron GAC Filter with NSF/ANSI 42 standard, coconut shell activated carbon filter, can remove taste, odor, sediment and chlorine taste and odor, inhibit bacterial regeneration
    • GAC Filter Dimensions: 10"in Overall Length, 2.5"in Diameter (Universal Industry Standard Size). Normally replace 2 times a year, depending on the water quality

    Items: Granular Activated Carbon Filter
    Filter Medium: Coconut Shell Activated Carbon/ Fruit Shell Activated Carbon
    Pore size:5μm
    10"In Length,2.5"In Outside Diameter
    Connect Type: DOE
    Outer cage Medium: Polypropylene
    Seal Material: Silicone/NBR/EPDM
    Removal Ratings: 5μm
    Maximum Differential Pressure: 4.0Bar
    Maximum Operation Temperature: 60℃
    Methylene Blue Adsorption: >120 mg/g
    Residual Chlorine Removal Rate: >96.8%
    Iodine Adsorption Rate: >1000mg/g
    COD Removal Rate:>58%

    What you get:
    6* GAC Filter

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