Fits GE FXHSC GXWH40L GXWH30C GXWH35F Whole House Sediment Filter 2 Pack

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  • GE FXHSC Whole House Sediment Filter GXWH40L GXWH30C GXWH35F by CFS 2 PACKCondition: NEW

  • Filter Life (Gallons): "10,000 - 25,000"
    Filter Life (Months): 6 months
    Flow Rate GPM: 20.0 - 50.0
    Compatibles: 155405-43, 155405-51, PC20-BB-S, S1-BB, W10-PR, W15-PR, W20CLHD
 heavy duty sediment reduction filter helps put cleaner, better tasting water in your home and is ideal for use with chlorinated water supplies. The 4 1/2" heavy duty design offers higher dirt-holding capacity for the really tough water filtration jobs.
  •  Reduce the sediment that disrupts your home water use.
    • Ensures quality water throughout your home
    • Pleated Polyester reduces particles down to 5 microns
    • Easy installation for a frustration-free return to better water
    • Replace filter every 6 months

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