CFS – Compatible with OR-233 O-Ring Replacements for Standard Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Housings - Approximately 3’’ inch OD -Black, Pack of 3

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✅ MATERIAL SAFE TO USE: Our replacement O-rings are composed of silicone rubber, which is sturdy and long-lasting; the rubber substance makes them soft and resistant to deformation, as well as non-toxic and safe to use.

✅EXTENDS LIFE AND ALLOWS FOR FAST TROUBLESHOOTING: Because your O-ring may gather hard water minerals, become pinched or twisted during installation, or expand/shrink when under water pressure, replacing it every third filter replacement is suggested.

✅LEAK IN THE SEAL: Can be used in conjunction with any food-grade lubricant to provide your water filter with the best leak seal. (It's worth noting that the O-ring should be replaced every 1-2 years). Our O-rings are constructed of high-quality, long-lasting rubber.

✅ EASY TO SET UP: To finish the installation, only use the wrench given by the system to remove the filter bracket, apply silicon grease to the O-ring, insert the O-ring on top of the old O-ring, and then screw it back in place Fits Housings 151231-51, OR-233, 411310, 51231, 233, OR-233, etc

✅ GREASE/LUBRICANT COMPATIBILITY: There is no need for grease. Install the O-rings after wetting them with water. If desired, silicone and petroleum-based greases are compatible.


CFS – Compatible with OR-233 O-Ring Replacements for Standard Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Housings - Approximately 3’’ inch OD -Black, Pack of 

COMPLETE FILTRATION SERVICES EST.2006 (CFS) is known for its quality, superiority, and effectiveness. Our customers mean everything to us. We never compromise on the quality of our products, and each product is individually inspected by us. We provide high quality replacement O-Rings.
O-rings slip directly into your housing with a flawless fit thanks to the identical OEM size match. They won't pinch or shift during installation, and they won't bind up when it's time to replace your filter. Instead of being coiled up like other manufacturers, the O-rings are packaged flat in their containers. As a result, the O-ring will fit into your housing right out of the box. No more wrangling with the O-ring during installation to maintain it level in the filter housing. High-quality replacement water filter housing O-rings are built to last for a long time. Still, it's a good idea to replace your O-ring every third filter replacement to keep it in good shape and avoid leaks.


✅ Brand: Complete Filtration Services
✅ Item Name:  O-ring 
✅ Package Includes: 3 Count 

✅ Easy and Fast DIY Installation.
✅ Filters the air you breath.
✅ Reduce unwanted air born particles.
✅ It is a package of 3 pieces.

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