Doulton W9123053 UltraCarb 10 Inch Ceramic Candle Filter Cartridge

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    • Condition: NEW
      Filter Life (Gallons): 500 - 1,000
      Filter Life (Months): 6 months
      Flow Rate GPM: 0.5 - 1.0
      Fits Brands: Fits Doulton HIP, HIS and HCPS housings (NOT gravity-fed)
      Compatibles: DOULTON-W9123053, W9123053
    • Product Description
      The Doulton W9123053 UltraCarb 10-inch Filter Candle features four stages of filtration in a single cleanable cartridge. It reduces suspended solids, chlorine, lead and other trace contaminants, as well as improving taste. Also known as Mountain Pure Water #MT661-RFC, the carbon core improves taste, while also reducing particulates and other chemical contaminants overall. In addition to being NSF certified, the W9123053 water filter has been tested and approved by the World Health Organization--for excellence you can depend on.

      • Sterasyl ceramic outer shell and carbon block core and heavy metal reduction media.
      • Self-sterilizing silver locked within the ceramic structure inhibits bacteria growth.
      • Will not remove beneficial and pleasant-tasting minerals from your drinking water.
      • Effectively reduces lead and pathogenic bacteria, including cholera, salmonella and typhoid.

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