Compatible Hydronix Radial Flow Carbon Filter 4.5" x 20" Compatible to RFC20-BB

Compatible Hydronix Radial Flow Carbon Filter  4.5" x 20" Compatible to RFC20-BBCondition: NEW
Filter Life (Gallons): 50,000 and up
Filter Life (Months): 6 months
Flow Rate GPM: 2.5 - 5.0
Fits Brands: Fits most Big Blue housings that accept 20-inch x 4.5-inch water filter cartridges
Compatibles: 155247, 175792, 155247-43, 56027-01, AP817, RFC20-BB, RFC-20BB
 The lifespan of this filter depends on water quality, but it is rated for up to 100,000 gallons of chlorine removal at 4 gallons per minute. The RFC-20BB is a great way to provide cleaner, better-tasting water to your entire house with this filter. Enjoy minimal maintenance with only 2-3 filter changes each year.

  • Highly effective for chlorine taste and odor reduction
  • Granular Activated Carbon in a Radial Flow Design
  • Limits small black specks (carbon fines) in your water better than most GAC water filters, due to the radial flow design
  • Great for high flow rate applications
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