Compatible coralife pureflow Reverse Osmosis Deionization (RODI) 10" Filter Kit

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Kit Includes: (1) 1-Micron dual density gradient Sediment Pre-filter cartridge, (1) 11-Micron Carbon Block Pre-Filter cartridge, (1) Color Indicating Mixed Bed Resin DI Cartridge. Features: 1-Micron dual density gradient sediment filter is highly recommended due to longer life and cost effectiveness. Precision manufactured from 100% pure Polypropylene fibers. The fibers have been carefully spun together to form a true gradient density from outside to inside surfaces. 9-7/8" standard size cartridge is self-sealing for a tight fit in RO units. 1/2-Micron carbon block pre-filter is a high-quality replacement for your existing carbon filter and works best with our 1-Micron dual density gradient sediment filter. 9-3/4" Standard size cartridge includes rubber gaskets at both ends to ensure 100% water flow-through. Color Changing Mixed Bed DI Cartridge is the most effective and easy to use DI cartridge available - filled with Resintech MBD-30 resin. Cation and Anion resins (H+ and OH-) remove the remaining total dissolved solids (TDS) from membrane-filtered water. 10" standard cartridge size includes a top gasket for a secure fit, and NEW Cartridge housing shape lends itself to efficient water-to-resin contact, and NEW Opaque cartridge takes the guess work out of determining when resin is exhausted. Resintech MBD-30 Resin changes from blue to yellow, then tan to white when depleted. These replacement cartridges are interchangeable with Coralife, Kent Marine, Seachem, Spectrapure, and all other RO or RO/DI units that use standard 10" cartridges.

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