CFS SpectraPure (R.O. Filters) Compatible Carbon Block Filter Cartridge 1 Micron


SpectraPure ( R.O. Filters) Compatible Carbon Block Filter Cartridge, 1 Micron, 4 Pack by CFS

Purified water grows healthier, more beautiful and longer-lasting plants than ordinary tap water. Your plants will flourish with our "better-than-rain" quality water.  Benefits of reverse osmosis water maximizes nutrient uptake for faster growth and greater yields. Eliminates harmful mineral build-up which damages delicate root hairs. Stabilizes ph. of recirculating Rockwool, nft and ebb & flow hydroponic systems. Ultra-high rejection tfc?membrane eliminates up to 99% of harmful minerals, fluorides, chlorides, alkalinity, heavy metals, agricultural and industrial pollutants, chloramine, pcb's, mtbe and arsenic.


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