CFS Carbon Pre-Filter 4-pack for Homedics AF-100FL

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4-pack of Carbon Activated Pre-Filters Made in the USA

For use with HoMedics hypoallergenic HEPA Air Cleaners AF-100 Hepa Filter AF-100FL Carbon Activated filters extend the life of the hepa filter and remove common household odors Each Carbon Pre-Filter measures 13"x11.6"x.2"

This is a 4-pack of Carbon Activated Pre-Filters. Compatible with HoMedics hypoallergenic HEPA Air Cleaners AF-100.

This is not a HoMedics® OEM product and is not covered under any HoMedics® manufacturer's warranty. The HoMedics® brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the HoMedics® brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.

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