AFK-Omega filter kit replacement set for RO/DI aquarium sediment, carbon, DI

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Filter Kit for RO DI Systems
Fits Psarion Omega Reef systems and any standard RO DI system
1µ Sediment Filter
1µ Carbon Filter
Nuclear grade DI Filter

Replacement filter set for Psarion Omega Reef systems, as well as most standard RO/DI filter systems. Standard filter size fits common 10" housings. Filters should be replaced at least once a year, every 6 month is average for most applications. Monitoring of your system performance with a TDS meter will also aid in keeping up with filter changes.

For use with our standard 4 stage RO/DI Omega system

Does not include the RO membrane

Replaces UDIFK, Omega, and any similar RO DI that uses industry standard filters

10" 1µ Sediment

1 micron sediment filter for particulates

10" Carbon Block

1 micron carbon block filter for chlorine, tastes, and odors

10" DI

De-ionizing filter removes 99% of contaminates, High grade nuclear resin. High silicate and phospate removal, ultra pure zero TDS water.

Standard Size Filters

Sediment, carbon, & DI fit in standard 10" filter housings, approximate dimensions: 9.75"x2.5"


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