75 GPD RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement for Dow Filmtec/Pentair/Axeon



The Item is Compatible with:

Dow Filmtec TW30-1812-50

Axeon TF-1812-50 


Watts Premier 36 GPD (560016)

Pentair TLC-50


Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane Element Replace For Any 1812-75 Standard Filter

The Item is Compatible with:

Filmtec Dow TW30-1812-75  /  BW60-1812-75,

Axeon TF-1812-75
Watts Premier 50 GPD 560018
Pentair TLC-75

 membranes can eliminate substances larger then 0.0001um, such as organics, microorganism, virus, metal ion, cancer-organic substance, and other soluble salt in water. Utilizing advanced membrane technology, 75 GPD Element offers exceptional balance of flow and premium rejection, ideal for low feed pressure residential applications.