50 GDP RO Membrane + T33 Inline Post Sediment Filter Replacement Water Purifier

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50 GDP RO Membrane + T33 Inline Post Sediment Filter Replacement Water Purifier


 T33 post active carbon filter have two kinds of type according to the size, that’s called big T33 filter and small T33 filter. According to the internal filter structure, T33 filter include granular activated carbon and sintering activated carbon. Granular activated carbon T33 filter is made of high quality coconut shell activated carbon or nut shell activated carbon, does not need any binding agent, directly fill to the plastic housing. This kind of filter has a good seal performance and large flow rate. Sintering activated carbon T33 filter uses nontoxic and tasteless efficient coconut shell activated carbon and coal activated carbon as the main body, supplemented by food grade adhesive material, after special craft processing molding, makes the filter both have adsorption effect and filtration effect. 
T33 filter main capabilities are improving the taste of water and eliminating peculiar smell, the use deadline generally for 6 ~ 12 months, according to the water quantity and water quality, the service life will be affected by certain influence. T33 activated carbon filter, mainly used in water purification equipment, household water purifier and water purification machine.


  • Adsorption of organic compounds
  • Remove odor and residual chlorine
  • Make the filtering liquid decolorize and clarify
  • Particles and impurities filtration
  • Uniform density, long service life
  • No carbon powder migration


  • Water purification treatment, food decolorizing
  • Oilfield water injection filtration
  • Chemical liquid filtration
  • Electroplating industry


membranes can eliminate substances larger then 0.0001um, such as organics, microorganism, virus, metal ion, cancer-organic substance, and other soluble salt in water. Utilizing advanced membrane technology, 50 GPDElement offers exceptional balance of flow and premium rejection, ideal for low feed pressure residential applications.

Product Information                                                                                   

Model of Element ROULP-1812-50
Average Permeated Flow GPD (m³/d) 50(0.2)
Stable Rejection Rate (%) 97
Minimum Rejection Rate (%) 95
Test pressure(psi) 60

Operation Limits and Condition                                                                                                 

Max. Feed water Temperature 45°C(113°F)
Max. Working Pressure 20.7bar(300psi)
Max. Feed water Permeated Flow 7.6LPM(2.0GPM)
pH Range of Feed water during Operation 3~10
Max. Feed water SDI15 5
Residual Chlorine Concentration of Feed water ≤0.1ppm


Residential applications Softened water for homes, hotels, commercial laundries and car washes
Drinking water for restaurants Post-treatment of deionized water
Drinking water vending machines Pure water for pharmaceuticals, laboratories and electronics
Aquarium water treatment Hemodialysis

Size Specification

    • 50GPD
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