3 pcs 20" x 2.5" Pleated Washable Sediment Water Filters

  • 3 pcs 20" x 2.5" Pleated Washable Sediment Water Filters

  • This  water filter is a compatible replacement for similar large  water filter brands of all types, including Pentek filters, Ametek filters, Culligan filters, Whirlpool filters, US Filter filters, Ace filters, American Plumber filters, Bruner filters, Plymouth filters, Pentair filters, and other name brands.


  • Perfect for Big Blue 20" x 2.5" filter housing used by most Reverse Osmosis, whole house water filtration

  • Aquarium and

  • Water Filtration System


  • Material :                  Polyester

  • Max temp :                 140F

  • Dimensions :                 20"   x    2.5"

  • Micron Rating :               5

  • Cartridge Packaging :        Shrink Wrapped


  • More surface area for greater dirt holding capacity

  • Lower initial pressure drop, higher flow rates

  • Superior performance with no additives or binders to break down which may cause foaming and filter degradation

  • washable and reduces filtration costs

  •  Reduce the sediment that disrupts your home water use.
    • Ensures quality water throughout your home
    • Pleated Polyester reduces particles down to 5 microns
    • Easy installation for a frustration-free return to better water
    • Replace filter every 6 months